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svalbard airportSvalbard Airport is a major service provider in Svalbard, Norway. Svalbard Airport is a unique airport from others due to its location, as it is the only airport in the world to be situated in the northern most area of Earth. Svalbard Airport's runway lengths 7021 ft and is located at a distance of 3 km to the North West of Longyearbyen. The airport was constructed at the time of World War II, but was finally used from 1975 after the construction of a new airport at Hotellneset.Svalbard Airport is owned as well as operated by Avinor.Scandinavian Airlines System and Braathens flies regular flights to Oslo and Tromsø which are in mainland Norway.

Why is it unique

Svalbard Airport is located in the clusters of Norwegian Islands which is settled in Arctic Ocean. In the archipelago there are three airports, from which two are used for transportation purposes and Svalbard Airport is used for public traveling. It is the only airport in the world which is located to the northernmost land on the Earth. Engineers built this airport very brilliantly using the permafrost layer as the base land for the runway. Svalbard Airport's construction was very challenging for engineers as they used the brutal winters to favor their construction. Due to seasonal changes many sections of Svalbard Airport's runway were repaved in 1989.

According to a study in 2002, it was revealed that in the coming future due to the rising temperature on Earth the airport will become uneven. Svalbard Airport's runway lengths 2,323 m long and 45 m wide. There is a fully equipped instrumental landing system for both the runways. This airport is very essential for the economic systems of Svalbard archipelago as the airport influences the weather information and coastal radio services.