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kansai airportKansai International Airport is built on an artificial island in the centric of the Osaka Bay. As everyone are aware of the population and the scarce land in Japan, this was the only reason for the construction of the airporin the offshore. Engineers headed the project in 1987 and the entire airport was standing by 1994.Travelers can easily access the main land of Honshu by car, railway or even by a speedy ferry services. At times travelers are confused with Osaka and Kansai International Airports, but they are altogether different from one another. Kansai International Airport is home to many international as well as domestic airlines which includes Nippon Airways, Nippon Cargo and Japan Airways.

Why is it unique

This man made structure is giant which stretches 4km long in the water and can be viewed even from the space. This Colossal airport is awarded as one of the 'Monuments Of The Millennium' by the American society of civil engineers. Kansai International Airport is so impressive that it can survive in high earthquake and even in dangerous cyclones. In 1998 Kansai airport was hit very badly by the strong tropical cyclone and was unscathed by it. The airport is built magnificently with it's resistance for earthquakes and cyclones. Prior to its construction many cautions regarding the climatic change and destructive sea beads were planned.

Kansai International Airport has become one of the most popular Asian Hub which serves around 500 weekly flights to Asia and few flights to Europe and North America. Engineers had a great challenge to construct an artificial island and so required a huge amount of landfill. Around 3 mountains were excavated for the construction of the island. The airport encompasses a single terminal four storey building which is also one of the lengthiest terminal in the world. The giant airport terminal is constructed by Renzo and Noriaki which lengths around 1.1 miles.