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altoona blair airportAltoona-Blair County Airport is one of the smallest airports which is situated in Martinsburg in United States. It is a public-use airport which is owned by the state which offers few flights in USA. This airport occupies the territories of 320 acres with two paved runways, and operates around 65 flights every day. It is one of the busiest domestic airports in USA. As of 2007, it is said that there were 55 aircrafts under its ownership but now it has only 46 aircrafts which serves domestic visitors.The construction and development of this airport is carried out from the period of its establishment, and the repair and maintenance as well as is consistently under development. Fuel services were provided by the FBO Penn-Air, Inc but later Penn-Air, Inc stopped its operation as well as services for the Altoona-Blair County Airport. Now, all the fuels and services are maintained by the Airport's authority it self on the temporary grounds.

As there are two run ways of different lengths, one runway measures 5466 X 100 feet and the other runway measures 3668 X 75 feet. It provides various air services such as- general aviation, air taxi, Military air, Jet air, helicopter and Ultralights that connects various cities of USA. The airport is surrounded by various hotels, restaurants, and airport houses which can be reached easily either from terminal buildings or from flight line. This airport also provides the facility to rent the cars for the convenience of the visitors. It is equipped with fire station, wind indicators, effective communications with sufficient lights which helps to carry out operations at night as well. But the cloudy climate in this location is one of the obstacles for smooth operations.