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orly airport Orly is the major airport in Paris, which is situated about nine miles to the southern part of Paris in Villeneuve-le-Roi which occupies about 3700 acres of territories. This airport links Paris with various countries of Europe, Middle East, the Caribbean , Africa as well as American cities with a number of flights. It is the busiest domestic airport which was established with two terminals as- west and south in order to reduce the crowd of Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

The history of this airport goes back to 1923 when the airship hangers were built by Eugene Freyssinet which was developed and opened as Villeneuve-Orly Airport in 1932. This airport was used for military purpose in the beginning and was destroyed in the war of 1940 by the American Air Force and was repaired later on. The construction and destruction process was carried out till 1983 and different wars and revolutions hurt this airports during that period.

There are two terminals with more than 25 airlines which connect Paris with various national as well as international cities. The most popular airlines that operate at Orly Airport are:

Air Asia X
Air Algerie
Air France
Air Europa
Air Malta
Air Mali
Brit Air
British Airways
Iran Air
SATA International
Syrian Airways and many more

Orly Airport is not far from the record of accidents. The history reveals that it has faced more then five horrible accidents inbetween 1962 to 1983. The airport suffered from various bomb blast and other destructive attacks which compelled people to lose their lives in Orly Airport. Visitors can get around this airport from Paris with various modes of transportation such as bus, car and taxi. There are number of hotels, accommodations, shopping facilities as well as facilities for disable people. But due to the hit of wars in different period, Orly airport is recognized as one of the disastrous airports in the world.